Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mini Purse:D (crochet)

kk. i was bored, had some multicolor yarn, and a crochet hook. i used an h hook. this is worked in the rnd.

ok. ch 25.

rw 1.~ ch 2(turning chain)work 1 hdc into ea ch except the last. in the ch do 3hdc and work back around in the back loops of ea ch. slip st to turning chain.
rw 2. ~ ch 1(trning ch) work 1 sc in ea hdc, slip stitch to top of turning chains
rw 3.~ ch 2(trning ch) work 1 hdc in ea sc, slip st to top of turning chain
rws 4-18~ rep rws 2-3 ending with rw 2

Strap~ make a ch long enough 4 your strap (100-200 approx.) next, slip st in ea ch. sew to the inside of your bag, weave in all ends, and enjoy:)

notes~ to add a flap, just add extra rows to 1 side of the bag, add a buttonwhole, sew a button on, and you are done:)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

First Things First

1. i do tlk lyk a teen (as im only 13) so if u dnt kno wat sumthing means, juss ask.
2. i use standard abbreviations in the patterns
3. if you hav a request 4 me 2 make a pattern, tell me
4. all these patterns i do, u can sell the product but not the pattern, k?

hope u lyk all the work i do, itll get better as i go as ive only been knitting and crocheting 4 a little over a yr.